By admin | 22nd October, 2021 | 3 min read

Does the concept of BIG DATA sound interesting to you? Learn the benefits of pursuing an MBA in Data Analytics.

With the advent of the industrial revolution 4.0 and the GoI’s Digital India Mission, there is a considerable increase in the use of the term “Big Data and Data Science”. Often these two terms are combined and confused with each other. Not many people know that big data and data science are the future of the world, provide an enormous amount of employment opportunities, and are taught specifically in colleges and universities.

Colleges make you understand the know-how of this field under the course name- MBA in Data Analytics/ Masters in Data Science/ Diploma in Data Analytics. This course is not only very knowledgeable but also has amazing perks. Some of the most attractive ones have been listed below:

  • With the technological age, industries have begun to demand individuals who are skilled and able to manage data on DBMS (Database Management Systems) instead of written documents as they are easy to access and store. Not only in audit and finance but marketing, HR, operations, and IT also have introduced software that involves data analysis in their day-to-day routine. Job roles like HR analyst, data analyst, data scientist, supply chain analyst, market researcher, marketing analyst, risk analyst, etc. have been in much more demand than the mainstream jobs today.
  • Demand for data science experts is developing, as firms keep up themselves through information-driven experiences. While organizations understand the worth and force of Big Data, they flourish to utilize it to settle on better business choices. It is generally utilized in different industry areas, including advertising, medical care, money, banking, strategy work, etc. Data Science is something that empowers organizations to effectively comprehend monstrous information from numerous sources and determine important experiences to settle on more intelligent information-driven choices.
  • Opting for an MBA in Business Analytics will also train you in the fields like accounting, finance, marketing, ethics, operations, macroeconomics, international business, microeconomics, human resources, leadership, and management. Along with this, it will train you for the technical aspects of the course as well with subjects like marketing analytics, regression, financial analytics, data mining, forecasting and modeling, business analytics strategy, and spreadsheet modeling.
  • Post completion of this course, you can work as an analyst in marketing, management, finance, operations, supply chain or HR, personal financial advisor, business analytics specialist, management consultant, and marketing manager. The choice will be all yours.
  • The prospects are very bright in this domain. According to Glassdoor’s survey on 3200 salaries of data scientist employees in India, it was estimated that the average salary that one can earn is 10,00,000 LPA.

If you are ready to dive deep into the ocean of big data and data science, have an analytical mind with the right skill set including business acumen, leadership qualities, technological aptitude, hands-on statistics knowledge, decision-making ability, strategic mindset, and big picture thinking, then you can have a real good time in this field.

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