MITCON Institute of Management (PGDM Agriculture Management)

About MITCON – PGDM Business Administration

Strategically located on NH4 at Balewadi, Pune, MITCON Institute of Management is a reputed management institute, established in 2005 by MITCON Consultancy & Engineering Services Ltd, a well-known consulting organization since 1982.

We are particularly proud of our dedicated faculty who brings to MITCON a rich blend of industrial as well as academic experience.

The primary objective of MITCON is to shape young professional managers, keeping in mind the dynamics of modern business and challenges of the highly competitive global economic environment.

With India Inc. emerging as a formidable challenger on the Global economic scene and reaching out to claim its place of glory, MITCON too is rising to meet the challenges of the highly dynamic and vibrant industrial scenario. MITCON is dedicated to create professionals of the highest order, reaching out to conquer the zenith. Knowledge, Wisdom, Leadership and Character are the cornerstones of MITCON’s ethos.

MITCON also has a dedicated team of professionals running its placements cell, to discover the best possible opportunities in industry and business for its students. Over the past years, we have had the pleasure of hosting many prominent corporates at our campus for interviews & recruitment of our students.

3d Gold Winged Laurel Wreath Logo3d Gold Winged Laurel Wreath Logo

CSR Award

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Hostel Fee

1 Lakh

% of students placed



Highest package

14 Lakh

Average package

5.5 Lakh

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Top recruiters of MITCON Institute of Management (PGDM Business Administration)

Institutional affiliation and collaboration

certifications in Banking and Finance

Data Sciences along with proposed certification programs in SAP

Eligibility Criteria

Candidate should be a graduate / post graduate in any discipline from Universities and Institutions recognized by AICTE / UGC / AIU with minimum 50% aggregate.

Candidate are required to have appeared in any of the following competitive exams, namely CAT / MAT / CMAT / XAT / ATMA / GMAT or any competitive exam / test acceptable as per AICTE guidelines.

Top reasons to join MITCON Institute of Management (PGDM Business Administration)

Committed to nurture professional Excellence

Emphasis on skill based, job oriented certificate program

Industry Oriented Curriculum

Quality Excellence Framework