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In the professional world, your resume says a lot about your personality. It determines whether you will be called in for an interview or not. A resume acts as an advertisement targeted towards your future employer. A resume is so important that it can fetch you the right college, the right internship, or the right job.

Often students in the graduating year of their undergraduate courses face a lot of difficulties since they have very little or no experience in creating a meaningful and impressive resume. Moreover, they even face issues like managing the chronological order in the resume, details that are important or unimportant to be mentioned, format to choose as per the profession, type of picture that needs to be inserted, social media links mandatory to be attached, use of right language to reflect professionalism to name a few

A resume is not simply a resume but it is the evolution of passion throughout the years of diligent work on the way to reach your ultimate destination. To get a solution to all such dilemmas, an online resume builder for students comes as a problem-solver. No one can create a perfect resume on their first try but a CV maker is a very important and very helpful tool to overcome all obstacles that come in the way of creating a resume/ a cover letter.

A resume builder facilitates you to create a smart and effective resume with the help of available free templates and cover letter formats. It gives you a way to get an easy representation of all your details in a sophisticated manner.

A resume is the first impression of your professional half. A good resume can fetch you the right opportunity, a chance to impress, get the limelight, gain a competitive edge over other candidates, and impress your interviewers and employers.

Steps to build Resume

Create an account

Creation of a free account on the resume maker website.

Choose Template

Choose a design out of the available attractive resume and cover letter templates.

Fill the details

Fill in all the details like initials, basic information, and LinkedIn profile link to name a few.


Get your resume ready and you can preview it.


Download, share and print it for further use at no cost.

Free resume builder for College students

To create a magnificent resume online, you can refer to our website and get stunning results. Our free resume builder for college students works to give a personal touch to your resume and make it distinctive. It can also be a helping hand to locate jobs nearby your locality. With our resume builder, your personal details like phone number and basic details will be secured and safe.

Note: In case you require even more clarification in the process of resume creation, career mapping, and profiling, kindly tick us and our HR will reach out to you in no time.